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Advantage vs Revolution - Expert's Oppinion


Kills 98-100% adult fleas within 12 hours of application. No claims about killing flea eggs or flea larvae. Lasts at least 4 weeks from application.

Color Pets Weight (lb) Weight (kg) Imidacloprid (8.8%)
& Permethrin (44%)
Green Small Dogs under 10lbs under 4kg 0.4ml
Teal Medium Dogs 11 - 20lbs 4 - 10kg 1.0ml
Red Large Dogs 21 - 55lbs 10 - 25kg 2.5ml
Blue XL Dogs Over 55lbs 25 - 40kg 4


Kills adult fleas and prevents flea eggs from hatching. Monthly application

Prevents heartworm disease and controls and treats earmites, sarcoptic mange. When used in cats also treats hookworms and roundworms.

Color Pets Weight (lb) Weight (kg) selamectin
Mauve Puppies & Kittens 0 - 5lbs 0 - 2.5kg 15mg/0.25ml
Blue For Cats 5.1 - 15lbs 2.6 - 7.5kg 45mg/0.75ml
Purple Small Dogs 5.1 - 10lbs 2.6 - 5kg 30mg/0.25ml
Brown For Dogs 10.1 - 20lbs 5.1 - 10kg 60mg/0.5ml
Red Medium Dogs 20.1 - 40lbs 10.1 - 20kg 120mg/1.0ml
Teal Large Dogs 41.1 - 85lbs 20.1 - 40kg 240mg/2 ml

For more information, visit our product sites Advantage and Revolution.

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Popular Brands Flea Control & Other Parasite Treatment Quick Guide

Brand (w/®) Adult Flea Eggs Larvae Tick Mosquito Heartworm Ear Mite Sarcoptic
Advantage Yes - Yes - - - - -
Advantix Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes - - -
Advocate /
Advantage Multi
Yes - Yes - - Yes Yes Yes
Capstar Yes - - - - - - -
Frontline Yes - Yes Yes - - - -
Frontline Plus Yes Yes Yes Yes - - - -
Heartgard Plus - - - - - Yes - -
Interceptor - - - - - Yes - -
Revolution /
Yes Yes Yes - - Yes Yes Yes
Sentinel - Yes Yes - - Yes - -

Advantage vs Revolution - Customers' Feedback

We've used all three--Advantage, revolution and frontline. Advantage worked 6 weeks, the other two worked 4 weeks. The other two burned the neck of our cats when applied (they all reacted). All three did a good job when we used them. These are dangerous pesticides, you have to be careful using them, and not doubling up on a dose--they run 4 weeks before you can use anything else.

Advantage kills adult fleas only. Revolution (available by prescription only) also kills flea and eggs, breaking the flea cycle. Revolution also protects against mosquitoes possibly carrying the heartworm, and ear mite trouble. Revolution does not claim to protect against ticks.

I've used both on my cats and prefer the Revolution because it doesn't smell as strong, and there is a smaller amount in the tube to dispense. With some of the ferals still being a little skittish that can make a big difference treating them every month.

The Advantage Multi, also by prescription, prevents worms and earmites too, but they smell it coming as soon as I open the tube. When switching from Advantage to Revolution note that the directions are slightly different, the Advantage has to be rubbed in, while the Revolution is just let to sink in.

I started using Advantage Multi on both my cats and dogs two years ago when my vet stopped carrying Revolution. I've noticed that in the two years I've used Advantage are the only two years I've had fleas...ever!

Frontline+ used to be good, but personally, I don't care for it anymore. If you're looking for both flea/ticks, Advantix would be better a better option for you. I wouldn't recommend it if you have cats that groom your dog. ProMeris works pretty good too, if you don't mind a Eucalyptus smell.

I have used everything...and I can't find anything that works WELL. Advantix does seem to do the best job at killing them once they bite, but I haven't found anything that repels.

Advantix can be fatal to cats, so you have to make sure you keep your cat(s) isolated until it dries completely (which can take a while!) Also, I found the Advantix can leave stains on the furniture and ruined a Puppia. It's strong stuff, and kind of oily.

I went to the Advantage website and found that it is only a flea preventative. Then I looked at the Revolution website, and while Revolution prevents several parasites, the only tick it controls is the american dog tick. Frontline Plus controls fleas and 4 major ticks. If you decide to go with Frontline Plus, you'll need a separate heartworm preventative, such as Interceptor, etc.

Well, first thing is that Advantage makes a product called Advantix which is for dogs only and it kills fleas, ticks, and mosquitos. They also have regular advantage. Frontline kills fleas and ticks as well, but I have found that it doesnt work as well. Plus it takes longer to kill them so they have more time to infest your home. Revolution I haven't had much experience with however.

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